Scary Doll

A nice family is living peacefully in there house. There is the parents and one little boy. One day, the little boy has a birthday where he invites all of his friends over. One of his friends give him a toy doll that promptly turns invisible and attacks someone. The father is freaking out because he is worried about his son so he calls someone to help and they apparently make the house safe but the dad sends his son away just in case.

Turns out that the house hadn’t been made safe, instead, only one room is safe in the entire house. So the man quickly tells his wife to come to that room but she is already being attacked in another room. She tries to hit the doll but since she can’t see him, it is almost impossible. Luckily she makes it into the safe room with her husband… but they will have to leave eventually.

I know this is similar to chucky… maybe I have been watching too many scary movies???


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