As a little background, you should know that I run a martial arts school with my husband and we are really into Jiu Jitsu. Also, the beginning of this dream is really trippy so I will do my best to make it clear. I am not sure why it was in the dream at all but whatever…

I am standing in a field and am really angry with someone. I decide the best thing to do is throw a bunch of colorful balls at her. They contain different weather types such as wind, rain, lightning, etc. The wind ball breaks open and I decide that, since I have to get to this tournament anyway, I can parachute with the wind to the building.

So I am parachuting and I make it there and meet up with my coach and husband. We go into the tournament and everything is crazy. Kids are running everywhere, the matches are being interrupted, and it is general chaos. So we go talk to the man running the tournament and he says that we will have to wait a really long time to do our matches because it’s so disorganized.

So my coach gets really angry because we paid a lot to be in the tournament and he starts yelling at the owner and the guy starts crying and apologizing. We still ended up leaving without competing.


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