Fake Death

I was on a senior trip right before graduation. A friend and I were on a canoe and we got lost. We did however survive and get back to town a day later. Unfortunately, the town had already given up on finding us and said that we had gotten eaten by alligators. To make it worse, they didn’t believe it was us so we were basically like strangers. We didn’t get our diplomas and basically had nowhere to go because no one believed that we were still alive.

This doesn’t seem as scary now that I’m awake, but it definitely felt scary in the dream. Not to mention that it involved alligators which is sort of a recurring theme in my dreams.


Scary Doll

A nice family is living peacefully in there house. There is the parents and one little boy. One day, the little boy has a birthday where he invites all of his friends over. One of his friends give him a toy doll that promptly turns invisible and attacks someone. The father is freaking out because he is worried about his son so he calls someone to help and they apparently make the house safe but the dad sends his son away just in case.

Turns out that the house hadn’t been made safe, instead, only one room is safe in the entire house. So the man quickly tells his wife to come to that room but she is already being attacked in another room. She tries to hit the doll but since she can’t see him, it is almost impossible. Luckily she makes it into the safe room with her husband… but they will have to leave eventually.

I know this is similar to chucky… maybe I have been watching too many scary movies???


This is another silly one.

I had recently argued on facebook with one of my friends. It escalated so much that she said she wanted to fight me. So I decide to hide in my closet and surprise attack her with a shoe when she found her. The only problem was that one of my other friends found me first. I threw the shoe at him and almost got into another fight for that.

So I get back into the closet to keep waiting for her and eventually she finds me and I throw the shoe at her and then proceed to try and force choke her. I was trying really hard but obviously nothing was happening so the dream ended with us staring angrily at each other.


As a little background, you should know that I run a martial arts school with my husband and we are really into Jiu Jitsu. Also, the beginning of this dream is really trippy so I will do my best to make it clear. I am not sure why it was in the dream at all but whatever…

I am standing in a field and am really angry with someone. I decide the best thing to do is throw a bunch of colorful balls at her. They contain different weather types such as wind, rain, lightning, etc. The wind ball breaks open and I decide that, since I have to get to this tournament anyway, I can parachute with the wind to the building.

So I am parachuting and I make it there and meet up with my coach and husband. We go into the tournament and everything is crazy. Kids are running everywhere, the matches are being interrupted, and it is general chaos. So we go talk to the man running the tournament and he says that we will have to wait a really long time to do our matches because it’s so disorganized.

So my coach gets really angry because we paid a lot to be in the tournament and he starts yelling at the owner and the guy starts crying and apologizing. We still ended up leaving without competing.

The North Pole

A friend and I are traveling to the north pole because we believe the government is hiding something up there. We swim/run all the way to the top of the earth and find a hole. We enter the hole and find out that there is a whole community of “Lord of the Rings” style elves (they are extremely beautiful) living in a completely free market (no governing authorities). They say that if we want to stay we have to get a job and support ourselves. I get a job as a maid for a powerful and rich elf. It’s great!


This is a recurring dream that I have had since I was a child. Living in Florida, I have seen my fair share of alligators, here is my subconscious reaction.

I am in murky waters, trying to swim to shore, but it is difficult and slow. I look below me in the water, there is an alligator coming my way. Frantic, I try swimming as fast as I can but I am so slow. Why can’t I go faster? I feel like I am drowning, the alligator is really close now. He is going to get me…

Even now, as I write that, I feel nervous, I have trouble breathing.

Running from Death

There was a man and a woman who were deeply in love. Soul mates who would never be able to love anyone else. One day, in a gruesome twist of fate, the woman gets hit by a car and the man is forced to watch death take the woman’s soul. The man, hysterical at the loss of his love, plans to kill himself the next day.

However, in his sleep that night, he wakes up in his dream to find himself in a prehistoric ice age where he sees his lover. They have a great adventure together but are ripped apart once again when he wakes up. As he wakes, he recognizes death coming for him as well. He spends the day running from death with the hopes that he will see his lover once again in his dreams that night. That night, he dreams with his lover again and they have another great adventure.

The man is doomed to spend his days running from death with the hopes that he will be able to have adventures with his lover at night.